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Launch of Talent Search Progam
and Inaguration of program for
Mentoring Awards

Please see the NOTIFICATION Section for further details of the programme.


The Mentoring to Attain International Youth Achievement Mastermind Scholarship (MaiYa MasterMIND Scholarship) program was designed to attract female students and establish a scholarship fund and an educational program to make them world leaders. It is a unique program unlike any other program in the world.

Our program is different because we provide mentoring for life. We will be matching our students with mentors who will help them in every way possible to achieve success academically, and later in their chosen professions. Our goal is to ensure that our scholarship recipients receive a broad educational background with emphasis in the arts, sciences, engineering and technology. We want our students to be world-class leaders.

As our scholars mature, they too will become mentors of their classmates and for the next generation.

Are you up to the challenge?

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