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Launch of Talent Search Progam
and Inaguration of program for
Mentoring Awards

Please see the NOTIFICATION Section for further details of the programme.

About Us

MIASNational Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) is an institution whose urrent aims are to integrate the findings of scholarship in the natural and social sciences as well as technology, the humanities and arts through multi-disciplinary research on the complex issues that face Indian and global society, and to assist in the creation of new leadership with broad horizons in all sectors of society by disseminating the conclusions of such research through appropriate publications and courses as well as through dialogues with leaders and the public. through dialogues with leaders and the public.
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The National CollegeThe National College, Bangalore is the name given to two sister institutions: the National College Basavanagudi, founded in 1945, and the National College, Jayanagar, founded in 1965. These institutions are managed by The National Education Society Of Karnataka(NES). The Institution aims at promoting the ideals of Secularism, Humanism and Scientific spirit enshrined in the Constitution of India and imparting Value based higher education to one and all at a reasonable cost.
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MIASThe Iyengar Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered both in the USA and India with a staff of health professionals, social scientists and physicians with demonstrated experience in program management, health communications, evaluation and assessment, training and the development and oversight of medical research grants programs. We commit to excellence, innovation and caring in health care, education and research. We are community based and not for profit.
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