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Launch of Talent Search Progam
and Inaguration of program for
Mentoring Awards

Please see the NOTIFICATION Section for further details of the programme.


1. What is the Mentoring to Attain International Youth Achievement (MaiYa) MasterMIND talent search all about?

A. The Mentoring to Attain International Youth Achievement (MaiYa) MasterMIND talent search seeks top performers. We award a scholarship of Rs. 50,000/- and "lifelong mentoring" to build international leaders in all areas.

2. What do you mean when you say, "lifelong mentoring"?

A. Most scholarship programs give you money for your education, and may occasionally, follow up with you on your success. Our scholarship program is different. When you are selected for a MaiYa MasterMIND Scholarship and become an iFellow, you’ll be assigned a series of mentors who have committed to mentoring you for life. We will establish opportunities for you to meet your mentors and to routinely follow up with them concerning your academic success, your career, and lifelong aspirations. As you continue to grow and learn more about mentoring yourself, you will be involved in peer-to-peer mentoring, and ultimately become a mentor yourself for a new generation of scholars. Within the mentoring program you will be learning life lessons in addition to your academic lessons, and be mentored in global leadership and entrepreneurship-elements crucial to the next generation of world leaders.

3. What is an "iFellow"?

A. After your selection as a MaiYa MasterMIND Scholar, you will be inducted into an elite group of students known as "iFellows," which is short for "Iyengar Foundation Fellowship" As an iFellow you’ll receive the lifelong mentoring in global leadership and entrepreneurship which will be crucial to your continuing success as a world leader.

4. The program sounds exciting, how do I apply?

A. Click on the Register Online here or on the homepage of the MaiYa MasterMIND Scholarship program to register for this exciting opportunity and the scholarship program.

5. If I am selected, where can I attend school and use my scholarship?

A. There are no restrictions on schools that you may attend. Your mentors will however make recommendations based on the best opportunities available to you for your particular career field and talents. However, the choice of where to attend school is entirely up to you.

6. When will the scholarships be announced?

A. Selections will be made in the early months of 2016 and announcements made immediately thereafter, but in sufficient time for your selection to attend school.

Click below link for Scholarship Registration

"Kramah Cloud Scholarship Registration"